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Copper-Catalyzed Intermolecular Heck-Like Coupling of Cyclobutanone Oximes Initiated by Selective C-C Bond Cleavage
Release time:2017-08-28    clicks:770

The group publishes a Stereoselective Synthesis of Z-Fluoroalkenes by Copper-Catalyzed Hydrodefluorination of gem-Difluoroalkenes with Water on Angew. Congrats Zhao!

ABSTRACT:The first example of intermolecular olefination ofcyclobutanone oximes with alkenes via selective C-C bondcleavage leading to the synthesis of nitriles in the presence ofa cheap copper catalyst is reported. The procedure is distin-guished by mild and safe reaction conditions that avoid ligand,oxidant, base, or toxic cyanide salt. A wide scope of cyclo-butanones and olefin coupling components can be usedwithout compromising efficiency and scalability. The alterna-tive visible-light-driven photoredox process for this couplingreaction was also uncovered.